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What keeps small business owners and executives up at night?  In addition to the threat of unanticipated global upheaval and accompanying economic fallout, here are just a few of their common pain points:

In the current climate, the job of a business owner or senior executive is to lean into unprecedented change and figure out how to best position their company’s products, services and people to solve their customers’ problems and meet their needs. While on the surface this may seem like a daunting task, there are abundant and affordable resources available to position you to capitalize on post-crisis recovery and prepare you for sustained growth and financial success on the other side of the “dip.”


Virtual Business Coaching (VBC) is one such resource.  A mix of consulting, teaching and organizational therapy, VBC:


Focuses on organizational performance, strives for objectivity, and provides quantitative analysis of problems


Focuses on the future, fosters individual performance in a business context, and helps executives discover their own path


Focuses on the past, diagnoses and treats dysfunction, and facilitates behavioral change

In specific terms, we are committed to helping you:

How do you know if business coaching is right for you? There are two basic rules for hiring a coach. First you have to be ready and willing to be coached and be committed to self and organizational improvement. And second, you have to have a good chemistry with the coach. Reputation and experience are important but the right fit, in terms of personality, type and temperament, is key.



While the ultimate driver is personal and organizational health, VBC clients consistently speak to the following benefits in session debriefs and written reviews:

We charge hourly for our time and you pay as you go.  Fees range from $250 to $650 per virtual session hour based on the coach’s experience and qualifications. 

While 1-on-1 coaching is our norm, we welcome small group coaching with up to three session participants, either from the same organization (i.e. managers from different departments or staff from the same department) or different organizations (i.e. peer group CEO’s).  Fees are shared in this instance.

If we ever show up unprepared or fail to add value in a session, you do not pay.


While client needs are unique to each situation, VBC focuses on the following business segments and topics:



Business Etiquette; Culture; Difficult Conversations; Diversity; Emotional Intelligence; Employee Engagement; Facilitation Skills; Feedback; Generational Differences; Interviewing Skills; Life Planning; Maximizing Your Strengths; Performance Management; Personal Development; Reward & Recognition; Stress Management; Talent Management; Teamwork; Time Management; Trust; Verbal Communication; Work-Life Balance; Workplace Respect; Work Styles; Written Communication

Differentiation; Distribution; Innovation, Extension & Improvement; Pricing

Customer Service; Feedback; Incentives; Retention Strategies

Critical Thinking; Goal Setting; Risk Management; Strategic Planning;

Business Development; Competitive Analysis; Influence & Persuasion; Market Analysis & Demand; Negotiation

Accountability; Change Management; Coaching; Conflict Resolution; Decision Making; Delegation; Effective Meetings; Virtual Team Management; Executive Presence; Leading with Strengths; Motivation; Presentation Skills; Supervision Basics

Financial Literacy; Project Management; Workplace Safety


VBC features a highly qualified and experienced coaching staff, including:  

Ian Tonks, MBA

Fusing two decades of executive and entrepreneurial experience, Ian splits his time helping entrepreneurs get more from their businesses, and teaching accountants to win more work.  He is a certified EOS Implementer and Gallup Strengths Coach.  He holds an MBA in Strategic Leadership from Dominican University of California and received a bachelor’s degree in Sports Science from the University of Northumbria. His passions include exercise, golf, family and travel. A native of England, he lives in Palm Desert, California, with his wife, Januaria, and daughter, Sophie.

Mark Lusnar, PhD

A highly respected consultant, coach, and educator with more than 25 years of experience, Mark works with individuals, teams and organizations seeking to develop managerial skills, enhance their leadership teams, and improve bottom-line performance. He earned his doctorate in Psychology from Loyola University of Chicago, holds an MBA from the University of Notre Dame, and received a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Management from Loyola Marymount University.  A native of New York, he lives in Martinez, California, with his wife, Rene.


VBC has a simplified three-step engagement process:

Step 1

We schedule a free 15-minute virtual check-in call to identify needs and determine if we are a fit.

Step 2

We schedule a 30-minute virtual intake session to establish scope of work, fees and timetable.

Step 3

We execute to plan, retaining flexibility to make changes where necessary or beneficial to the client.

To learn more about Virtual Business Coaching and how we can help you improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your business, Contact us via phone or email to schedule a 15-minute virtual check-in call.


Ian Tonks, MBA
74425 Zeppelin Drive
Palm Desert, CA 92211

(415) 801-2661 x 1 (work)
(415) 847-2212 (cell)

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